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Exploring With Darwin 4WD Drive Hire

To truly experience the best of the city of Darwin (the largest capital of the Northern Territory in Australia) and it’s surrounding areas, it is simply essential to do so 4×4 style. From cross-continent journeys to exploring the tropical coastline, there is so much more to see and do with Darwin 4WD Rental.

Our top five selections for sites, parklands and natural wonders that must form part of any Darwin 4WD Rental itinerary include:

1. Kakadu National Park

This nature reserve is simply massive, covering a staggering 20,000 sqm including each of the 7 regions of the Northern Land Council. With 50,000 years of human history as well as over 2,000 plant species, 290 bird varieties and a plethora of wildlife, including the native marsupials, the area is both culturally and naturally diverse. Some of the top activities and sights to see include:

  • Rivers – Containing 4 rivers and bordering the Timor Sea in the North, this is the ideal fishing spot to drop a line. Not to speak of the absolutely magnificent waterfalls and other natural aquatic phenomenon. Crocodiles are of course one of the greatest attractions, just don’t get too close.
  • Landmasses – Stunning wetlands are a natural feature of Kakadu as is the stone country and multitude of hills and basins. Don’t miss out on the ancient rock art fantastically represented in two galleries.
  • Tours – The Ranger Walk and Culture Tour are both essential to really get to know Kakadu at a ground level. Both these are a bonus as they are free of charge.
  • Accommodation – There are a number of different campsites that 4×4 travellers can make use of as they traverse the National Park. At least 3 days to 1 week is recommended to make the most of a visit.

2. Litchtfield National Park

Slightly smaller than Kakadu but still an impressive 15,000 sqm, the Litchtfield National Park experience begins before you even enter the gates:

  • Batchelor – A town based at the entryway to Litchtfield, contains the Coomalie Cultural Centre and many other local attractions.
  • Litchtfield Road – Traversing Litchtfield Road to Daly Road is a 4WD Drive enthusiasts dream and it is even impossible to navigate through the many creeks in the area without a 4×4 in the rainy season.
  • The Lost City – This is a natural phenomenon that imitates a man-made city. Fortunately, the 8km track through the sandstone formations is for experienced 4×4 drivers only and it is best to hire a high clearance vehicle.
  • The Magnetic Termite Mounds – Resembling a cemetery, these structures often give the appearance of being neglected. However, the termites migrate with the sun and so only temporarily abandon one mound for another.
  • Rivers – Waterfalls and natural swimming or plunge pools are a treat on a journey through Litchtfield National Park.
  • Fauna and Flora – There is a multitude of plant, bird, insect and wildlife contained within the borders of the park that will keep you busy and entertained for hours on end.

3. Arnhem Land

Arnhem Land covers a vast 97,000 square km’s expanse of land in the Northern Territory still inhabited mainly by its original owners, the Yolngu. While permits are required to enter this territory, it provides a unique adventure for 4WD drive hire. Notable attractions include:

  • Authentic Culture – Apart from the rock art that is the main attraction to many visitors to the Northern Territory, Arnhem land provides a uniquely authentic cultural experience along the entire route.
  • Waterfalls – Just like most of this tropical region, rivers, gorges and waterfalls spot the landscape and are awesome to behold. Both coastal and river fishing opportunities are available.
  • Arnhem Island – White beaches and a tropical climate define Arnhem island. Take a slow canoe trip or cruise to visit Arnhem Island as well as some of the other isolated islands just off the coast.
  • Rainforests – It may seem unlikely to find lush rainforests in the dry and desert-like escarpment of Australia but these are an essential attraction on Arnhem Land.
  • Woodlands – Natural woodlands provide the opportunity to view both flora and fauna that are unique to the Australia.

4. Explorer’s Highway

Take a trip along the Explorer’s Highway from Darwin to Adelaide and experience the different environments from tropical climes to the dry, rugged Outback and into the wine lands surrounding Adelaide. Along the route, be sure to stop at:

  • King’s Canyon – A mini version of the Grand Canyon in the USA, King’s Canyon is a sanctuary for indigenous wildlife and plant species in the area. Both 4×4 and walking trails are available, as long as they do no damage to the natural escarpment.
  • Uluru – Ayers Rock, standing tall and proud in the almost total desolation of the Outback is ofcourse the main attraction of Uluru. Take the time to also see the natural domed structures of Kata Tjuta.
  • Alice Springs – One of the most well-known Outback towns in Australia, Alice Springs will take you in and provide you with unique Australian hospitality.
  • Coober Pedy – This is one of the oldest and still operational Opal mining towns in the Northern Territory. Spend a night in the underground mines for a truly unique accommodation experience.
  • Wilpena Pound – Get close up and personal with the iconic Kangaroos at Wilpena Pound, a resort situated within the borders of the Flinders Ranges National Park, and take in the other attractions available.
  • Barossa Valley – This wine region, close to Adelaide, provides wine lovers with a range of tasting and buying opportunities. The rambling vineyards are simply a must see.

Travel along the Explorer’s Highway may not necessitate 4WD Rental but it definitely provides a more comfortable ride.

5. Katherine Gorge

Set in the Nitmiluk National Park, Katherine Gorge is the idyllic camping spot. All seasons provide rewarding experiences, however, the dry season is optimal.

  • Canoeing – Explore the 13 gorges in all their natural wonder in a small canoe that allows access to all the smallest nooks and crannies. Canoeing is however only available in the dry season.
  • Cruise – The first few gorges are accessible by a cruise boat and are the ideal choice for those who don’t have the time or energy to paddle slowly through the entire range. It is essential to book way in advance as the cruises are extremely popular and available all year round, unlike the canoes.
  • Hiking Trails – This is the ultimate way to experience the plethora of fauna and flora present in the gorge and the surrounding National park.

Other attractions that may interest you in and around Darwin, include:

The Australian Aviation Heritage Centre is one of only two locations where you can view an original B52 bomber. One of the other popular exhibits is a Japanese fighter plane that was downed during the 1942 air raids in Darwin.

  • Aquascene provides one of the world’s most mysterious natural phenomena where visitors have the opportunity to feed the thousands of fish that swarm to the sanctuary in search of a free meal.
  • Casuarina Coastal Reserve is ideal for beach lovers and provides the opportunity to interact with coastal and marine life. The BBQ facilities allow visitors to experience outdoor grilling Australian style. Cycling paths and walking trails are also available.
  • Mindil Beach Sunset Markets are the ideal way to savour local and Asia-Pacific cuisine. The Markets are only available during the dry season. Remember to bring along a blanket and some camping stools to watch the sunset in all its glory over the Timor Sea.
  • Darwin Harbor is larger than Sydney Harbor and sports a revitalised waterfront area that provides loads of entertainment, good food and pubs for both night and daytime fun. Fishing from the wharf provides great catching opportunities or you can take a swim in the lagoon. There are plenty of great fun activities for the entire family.
  • Darwin has a few museums to entertain the culturally and historically curious. The Darwin Military Museum is a must see as is the Australian Pearling Exhibition. For those more interested in the Arts, the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory will provide a truly authentic experience. The Chinese Temple and Museum provides a greater cultural exploration of the Asia-Pacific Region.

Darwin has plenty of campsites and accommodation facilities that will meet the requirements of all 4×4 enthusiasts, from 5-star luxury to the bare basics. There are of course also a wide range of 4WD Rental options that should keep every traveller happy on their journey in and around Darwin as well as further out into the wild Outback.

After all, the only true way to have an authentic Australian experience is with a 4×4 to manage both the extremes of the rugged natural terrain and the sprawling urban environment.

To find out more about Darwin 4WD Rental and the other 4×4 activities that you might find attractive, simply contact us to make the necessary arrangements.